In the Hot Seat: Scott

What have you been up to?
Currently editing our shoot for L'Oréal’s UNESCO Women in Science.


Did you face any challenges during this project?
Main challenge for these edits has been cutting each interview down from one hour to one minute, but that's what we're good at doing!

What has been your favourite project while at HG?
Recently, my favourite project would have to be the HSV and Walkinshaw Sports job at Haunted Hills. My role was to shoot trackside footage as well as edit the WP Colorado Sports Cat and HSV Camaro Chase edit.

Haunted Hills.jpg

What is the biggest mistake that businesses make when they produce and edit content?

Underquoting jobs— it can take a long time to make magic happen.

What change do you want to see in the media production industry?
I'd like to see a shift back to longer form content and see more storytelling through video. Video production is a form of art and I think sometimes that gets lost in our world today with the amount of content that's put in front of our eyes.

What is your favourite thing to do on the weekend?

Favourite things to do on a weekend would be riding my dirt bike, watching movies and going out for tasty dinners with friends.

Scott + quote.jpg


What would you rather: having a Friday or a Monday off work?

Probably the Monday ‘cause then I can have a big weekend and have a day off.

Who in the office is most likely to over-dress for the office?

Georgie. She always looks super smartly dressed and I’m probably the most under-dressed.

What would you rather: buying lunch every day or buying a round of drinks on a Friday night?

I’d probably buy drinks on the Friday night, it’s a bit more social. I’m not saying I’d do it.

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