In the Hot Seat: Shiel

What have you been up to?

Currently I am developing automated reporting to be rolled out for all the relevant reporting channels across the business.

Did you face any challenges during this project?

Lots...I haven’t actually linked reporting to a dashboard before, so understanding each step, what data we need to focus on, what visually is important to the client and most importantly that it is all accurate.

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What has been your favourite project while at HG?

Possibly this one—even though it sounds a little boring—but I love data and reporting. 

What is the biggest mistake that businesses make when they advertise?

Maybe not always thinking like they are the customer. Understanding what resonates with a customer so that their first glance is an instant connection is crucial as people have very short attention spans these days (naturally happened because of the amount of content we are exposed to these days - not saying people are slow!). The content will go unnoticed if it is not completely relevant or engaging and to the point.

What change do you want to see in media?

Million dollar question... 99% of what we see is irrelevant nowadays but people are still hooked. There will possibly be a movement down the AR or VR routes which could be interesting. Definitely think it is time to use all the knowledge and technology to start to fix the world...that and automated flying cars like Back to the Future. Will be disappointed if I don’t see one before my time is up. Oh, and there are new type airplanes that look like something out of Star Trek. They are like small cities that travel in the sky. So cool.

What is your favourite thing to do on the weekend?

At the moment I’m studying, so unfortunately it’s a lot of reading and data analysis... However, outside of this, I love being outside, whether that be a walk to the beach or going for a few beers in the sun. There are so many things to do in Melbourne as well such as festivals, markets, restaurants, millions of bars, sporting events; it’s just great to get out and enjoy it all.

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Who in the office is most likely to eat the snacks set aside for Friday earlier in the week?

Definitely Lewis.

What would you rather: having a Friday or a Monday off work?

The Monday. Friday’s the weekend anyway, isn’t it?

Who in the office is most likely to want to put their two cents in during a discussion?

Maybe Tanya… or Kylie. Basically any of the social media girls.

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