In the Hot Seat: James

What have you been up to?

I've just spent a week in Queensland shooting a campaign for SANE Australia, meeting some amazing people.


Did you face any challenges during this project?

I think filmmaking is all about problem solving so every project has challenges. We had a great crew though so out of those challenges came some magic moments you can't ever plan for.

SANE Shoot.jpg

 What has been your favourite project while at HG?  

We did a fun little job with Stephen Curry for Port Shorts film festival, but the SANE project is a great campaign for a really worthy cause so I think it wins.


What is the biggest mistake that businesses make when they post on social media/advertise/produce and edit content?

I hate when I get advertising via SMS— instant unsubscribe. 

What is your favourite thing to do on the weekend? 

Sunday ramen!

James + quote.jpg


What would you rather: having a Friday or a Monday off work?

I think both if it’s an option! I’d probably say Monday. Fridays are pretty chill as is.

Who in the office is most likely to have the greatest number of dirty cups and plates on their desk?


Who in the office is most likely to use the office address as their personal parcel delivery address?

I would say it’s Jo. I’ve noticed he’s gotten a few— he ordered m&ms the other day!

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