In the Hot Seat: Bea

What have you been up to?

I've recently been working on some shoots for LUXE L'Oréal brands, such as Giorgio Armani Beauty, Lancôme and Kiehl's. I've been producing some exciting how-to videos in conjunction with Adore Beauty and some imagery for some up-coming gift promotions. 

Did you face any challenges during this project?

There are always things that pop up in projects like the above where you have to adjust or change plans on the run. That's just part and parcel of creating great content!

What has been your favourite project while at HG?

Now that's a hard question, from creating content monthly for our clients to going to events and covering them live on Facebook, no two days are the same around here! If I had to choose one, it would possibly be the Si Passione launch event for Giorgio Armani Beauty last year in Sydney— it was pretty amazing. Not only did we create some content with influencers on the night and capture the event more generally, we also got to shoot Cate Blanchett (standing less than a metre away from her). Now I don't often get starstruck but it's fair to say I was a little on this occasion. She gave such a compelling speech on what it meant to live passionately and was just as amazing in real life as I had imagined. Although my title is Social & Content Manager, as mentioned, everyday is different and that's what I love about the role.

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What is the biggest mistake that businesses make when they post on social media?

Over the years the most consistent mistake I've seen businesses make when it comes to social media is forgetting the SOCIAL aspect. Social media at its heart is intended for us as consumers to be social, and for brands this is an opportunity to interact with customers in a way unlike any other medium. Great customer service and community management help brands become reliable and relatable resulting in brand love offline as much as online.

What change do you want to see in social media?

Instagram changing the feed back to a chronological order! But seriously...I wish they would. In addition to this, I would like to see the education around Social Media and its impact on mental health increase in the community. Since the launch of Instagram in 2012, it’s been astounding how much the idea of "being social" has changed. It would be great to see more initiatives to help youth with social driven pressures driven by the apps such as Facebook and Instagram.

What is your favourite thing to do on the weekend?

Although I'm known to check out breweries on the weekend, and yes this is something I love to do, my favourite thing to do is to discover new places that I haven't been before, whether it's a brewery or simply a country town. I'll often go on mini road trips or bike rides to explore the city. I can't wait for summer to come so the weather is more suited to this!

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Who in the office is most likely to want to put their two cents in during a discussion?

Kylie I reckon, I hear her pipe up when there’s a big chat happening!

What would you rather: hand write all of your reports or hold a pitch meeting?

I’d do a pitch meeting, a bit more scope to be creative!

What would you rather: give up texting or calling?

Calling. It’s way easier to just text people. Outside of work, I can’t be bothered talking to people over the phone!

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