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Melbourne Football Club & Jaguar: Fiercely driven

Fans of Jaguar and Melbourne Football Club strap in for a thrilling ride.

Melbourne player Tom MacDonald hijacks Steve May after training for a ride in Jaguar’s Luxury SRV F-Pace. Steve soon discovers that they’re off to Sandown to test drive the F-Type, a tribute to Jaguar’s racing legacy. As the players banter en route, a wager is born that will ultimately prove who is the most fiercely driven. The loser of the fastest track time will suffer the humiliation of cleaning the winner’s dirty boots.

Hotglue captured the Jaguar action in a single four-hour fast and furious filming and photography session as the players head out to race at the famous Sandown track. Hotglue used multiple camera angles on the ground, in the sky and within the slick vehicle interiors.

Twenty-nine videos and stills photography were produced for MKTG to serve Jaguar and Melbourne Football Club’s vast array of online and social media outputs.

Brand clients: Jaguar and Melbourne FC
Creative Agency: MKTG
Creative concept: Tom Denton
Account Director: Martin Ansell
Talent: MFC: Tom McDonald, Steven May 
Jaguar: Tony D'Alberto
Production Company: Hotglue
PC Producer: Matt Hearn
PC Director: Damian McLindon
DOP: Tom David
Additional Cameras: Aaron Bickford, Cole Gadsby, Scott Mulgrew, Lucas Wroe
Sound Recordist: Juan Pablo
Stills Photography: Stephen Fasciale
Editors: Scott Mulgrew, Cole Gadsby
Colourist: David Goldsmith
Sound Designer/Mixer: Paul McCosh

20190416_JaguarStills _Stephen_EndFrame.jpg